Noah was born in Switzerland, growing up mostly near Austin, Texas, USA and subsequently in England. Having started welding sculpture at 11 years old and leaving a somewhat unsuccessful schooling experience behind, it seemed natural to progress to a Foundation Art course at the Somerset College of Art, and a Degree in Fine Art Sculpture at Ravensbourne. This was later augmented by a year’s training in Blacksmithing at Hereford. Various occupations have also included being a motorcycle courier in London, shop design and fitting in Wiesbaden, Germany and working near Harare in Zimbabwe to build a prototype mini-hydroelectric turbine!

Artist Statement:

“I find myself drawn to all sorts: antiques and architecture, metal, wood, glass and stone, old tools, lightning bolts, wheels, road-side shrines, religions, Gods and other imaginary friends and foes, furniture and sculpture, the Renaissance and Art Deco, paintings, planes, trains and automobiles, islands and deserts, museums and collections, myths and legends, sunshine and the images clouds make in otherwise clear blue skies…”


Noah is Currently “Art Cluster Resource Development Manager” for Plymouth College of Art.

Noah gained his degree in Sculpture (B.A. Hons, First Class) from Ravensbourne College of Art and Design.

Formal training in Blacksmithing as a vocational subject at Hereford College of Art and Technology.

Metal-work consultant for other artists including Danny Lane.

Workshop Supervisor and Sessional Lecturer at Plymouth College of Art and Design (Now Plymouth College of Art)

Qualified teacher (PGCE and City &Guilds Adult Ed. Cert). Subsequently a Sessional Lecturer in Art History and 3D at Cornwall College, Saltash.

Founder Member and Former Director of Flameworks Creative Arts Facility in Plymouth, U.K.

Noah has also continuously worked independently as an artist, sculptor and designer-maker working on his own projects and commissions.